Are you more of a DIYer?

Shy about your space?

Our virtual organizing service is for YOU!

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual organizing is when a professional organizer (me!) and the client (you!) connect through technology rather than working side by side in a physical capacity.

Platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime are used for the sessions and tools like email, text, and video chat apps are used to stay in contact in between appointments.

Virtual DIY organizing

Our virtual packages are for folks who want to learn a new skill and put it into practice while having a professional organizer in their back pocket.

Ronnette will teach, support, and inspire you through *one of these categories at a time:

  • Rock Star Signature Five-Step Decluttering Process

  • Rock Star Signature Functional Organization System

  • Rock Star Signature Household Paper Flow and Processing System

  • Rock Star Signature Tidying Rhythm

  • The Division of Household Labor Using the Fair Play System

* There are a few limitations when switching between these 5 systems so please ask Ronnette for more information so that we can set you up for organizing success!

The benefits of virtual organizing:

Friends, the list is long but here are a few of the big ones:


    It costs about 70% less to utilize Rock Star's virtual coaching over our onsite decluttering and organizing service. You will receive my years of experience, knowledge, resources, support, and accountability for a fraction of the cost.

  • LESS TIME intensive and so much more FLEXIBLE!

    Your virtual sessions are 45 minutes versus the four-hour onsite minimum. After our strategy session, you can implement the work at that moment or at another time that makes sense to you.

  • You are going to get MAD SKILLS!

    Our virtual sessions are built around teaching you to become your very own organizer. From mindset, to how to set up an edit station, to new habits, you will be empowered to manage your home in a whole new way going forward.

  • Virtual Organizing is very PRIVATE!

    If you are shy about your space, if privacy is important to you, or you are an introvert, virtual organizing can feel less intrusive.

Hybrid On-Site and Virtual OR
100% Virtual Options Available!

On-Site & Virtual Hybrid - $330

Want a budget-friendly way to make progress on your own while getting both virtual and physical support?


Get a four-hour on-site organizer monthly to help you make things happen. Get one virtual session with Rock Star virtual organizer Ronnette to create accountability and momentum to keep moving forward on your own for the rest of the month.


  • One four-hour on-site session with one Rock Star organizer
  • One 45-minute virtual organizing consultation each month with Ronnette
  • Thirty days of virtual support via text, email, and video messaging with Ronnette


This package is perfect for folks who want the best of both worlds! The physical support and expertise of an onsite organizer and a virtual organizer keep you on point, motivated, and accountable to make progress in your home. This budget-friendly option is great for those who want to learn new decluttering and organizing skills in creating a home that works for them.


$330 / month to start

DIY Virtual Package - $240

Want to DIY-organize your space but with Rock Star power? Limited availability or just like a bit more privacy?


  • One 60-minute assessment and goal-setting call/Zoom
  • Tutorial video emailed to you on your chosen signature system
  • Four-week action plan emailed to you
  • Two 30-minute accountability calls/Zooms
  • 30 Days of virtual access to Ronnette via text, video messenger, email


$240 / first month

Virtual Organizing FAQs

We Love to Assist With:

Decluttering and Functional Organizing

This is going to change your life.
I'm not even kidding. 

Clutter is probably costing you money and time, impacting your mental health and happiness, straining your relationships, and causing you to feel a ton of stress inducing overwhelm.

I'm going to teach you to be your very own decluttering guru. We can work on; mindset, clutter blocks, defining clear goals and what your why is, setting up your supplies and tools to do the work, and the exact decluttering steps I use with my clients.

I will also be available to you for functional organizing guidance. We can evaluate the point of use, simple containment, and labeling for your belongings after you declutter.