ALL NEW - Virtual Organizing Packages!

Announcing NEW virtual services!

Don't let social distancing keep you from your dream of an organized home!

Let's eliminate what no longer serves you!

Let's make sense of whatever is left!

Household paper and routines ~ $395 a month

How about we get all that paper-based chaos out of your life! This package will help you set up an actionable paper management system that tells your time and money what to do on a weekly basis.

Once you have this new system working for you, I will work with you to customize simple household routines that will save you hours each week. My mission with this particular service is to get you out of reactivity mode and to create more time freedom in your life.

You will receive 4 virtual sessions, and unlimited text, email, and video chat support in-between appointments!

Decluttering and Functional Organizing ~ $395 a month

This package is going to change your life. I'm not even kidding. Clutter is probably costing you money and time, impacting your mental health and sleep hygiene, stressing your relationships out, and causing you to feel a ton of stress hormone inducing overwhelm.

I'm going to teach you to be your very own decluttering guru. We will work on; mindset, clutter blocks, define clear goals and what your why is,  setting up your supplies and tools to do the work, and the exact decluttering steps I use with my clients. I will also be available to you for functional organizing guidance. We can evaluate the point of use, simple containment, and labeling for your belongings after you declutter.

You will receive 4 virtual sessions, and unlimited text, email, and video chat support in-between appointments!

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual organizing is when a professional organizer (me!) and the client (you!) connect through technology rather than working side by side in a physical capacity. Platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime are used for the sessions and tools like email, text, and video chat apps are used to stay in contact in between appointments.

The benefits of virtual organizing:

Friends, the list is long but here are a few of the big ones:

  • You save money! It costs about 70% less to utilize Rock Star's virtual coaching over our onsite decluttering and organizing service. You will receive my years of experience, knowledge, resources, support, and accountability for a fraction of the cost.

  • Less time intensive and so much more flexible! Your virtual sessions are 45 minutes versus the three-hour onsite minimum. After our strategy session, you can implement the work at that moment or at another time that makes sense to you.

  • You are going to get mad skills! Our virtual sessions are built around teaching you to become your very own organizer. From mindset, to how to set up an edit station, to new habits, you are will be empowered to manage your home in a whole new way going forward.

  • If privacy is important to you or you are an introvert, virtual organizing can feel less intrusive.

What Our Clients Say…

These ladies are the best! I'd recommend their services to anyone. Thorough, pet friendly, trustworthy, reliable... what more could you want?

Sarah S.

Is virtual organizing right for you?

Not everyone is wired for virtual organizing, and we will make sure to help you figure that out during our complimentary consult.

Here are some immediate ways to know if this stellar option is right up your alley:

  • You have a minimum of 2 + hours a week to invest in your goals

  • You are comfortable sending photos and or videos to showcase your goals and progress

  • You have the ability to use a platform like Zoom or Facetime

  • You are energized by having a plan to work on

  • You find accountability to be a helpful tool in achieving your goals

What will the virtual experience look like for you the fantastic client?

Step 1 - We'll have a laid back and zero-pressure phone call. I will ask you questions that help me get to know you better, understand your current state, and get a clear vision of your end goal. We will talk about your home, your family dynamics, and I will need to know if you have pets. Only because I really love pets and I like to hear about them.

Step 2 - We'll set up a virtual tour of your home or I will have you send photos.

Step 3 - If you are digging our vibe and decide to work together, I will send you an email that includes:

  • An outline of your first month's goals
  • Supporting training/reference documents around your chosen program
  • A calendar link to book your strategy sessions and accountability phone calls

Step 4 - As we work together you will have access to me via email, text, and or a video chat app in between or appointments.

Need something specific done in your home?
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Do you feel overwhelmed with your home? Feel like you can never find anything when you need it? Are you spending more time cleaning than you want to? Arguing with family members about the state of your house? Crave a lighter, freeing, simpler life? In a season of life where downsizing is necessary or at the least beneficial? Don’t know where to start? I’ve been there and so have many many of my amazing clients.


 I know the dread of walking through the door to a home that doesn’t “feel” good to be in. Or spending my evenings and weekends trying to catch up just to fall behind again. I recall feeling broken because my house didn’t look like the Pinterest pins I saved.




I was once buried in clutter and chaos and found my way out using a methodology called Lean (well known in the healthcare and manufacturing field)   and now I’m OBSESSED about the tremendous benefits that decluttering and functional organizing can bring to a home and the people who live in it.  From streamlining your master closet to an entire home overhaul, I want to see you love your space and spend your time and energy where you WANT to. Because you are amazing and deserve nothing less.




As someone who was been there, I offer a very nonjudgmental and understanding view. I’m always honest if we are an potential and ideal fit for our  clients and offer complimentary zero pressure consultations so you can make an educated decision in your own time.