Ronnette & Zula!



Ronnette is the CEO of Rock Star and oversees operations in Eugene, Oregon, and Duluth, Minnesota.

Ronnette has twenty-five years of experience in cleaning, decluttering, and organizing women’s homes. She has a background in lean methodology and infuses this into her approach. Decreasing women’s overwhelm and increasing their time freedom is an obsession for her.

Ronnette is passionate about her family, dogs, and any other animal that will let her pet them. You can stop her in her tracks with a good burrito or by mentioning the word “mimosa.” Getting out into nature with her dogs is her favorite pastime.

Ronnette wants LGBTQ+ and black community members to know that you are safe and eagerly supported by Rock Star Residential Services.

Zula is Rock Star’s CEO (Canine Executive Officer), four years old, and will probably yell at you for anything and everything and possibly steal food from you. Due to these behavior problems, we avoid placing her in any role associated with the client experience.

Education / Certifications

Certificate of Study in ADHD - January 31, 2023

ADHD specialist organizer

Licensed Fair Play Facilitator - service coming in March 2023!

Fair Play Facilitator- household task division of labor

Rebalance * Reclaim * Rediscover