Ronnette & Zula!

Ronnette is the CEO of Rock Star and oversees operations in Eugene, Oregon, and Duluth, Minnesota. Ronnette has twenty-five years...
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Grace & Zeus!

Grace manages our Eugene, Oregon on-site operations. While Grace can help you declutter and organize your entire house, a background...
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Josh is known as our spreadsheet guru, tech geek, social media manager, and overall life-saver. He keeps the administrative aspect...
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Education / Certifications

ADHD certified organizer

Certificate of Study in ADHD Organization

Ronnette has been passionate about customizing decluttering and organizing approaches for her ADHD clients for years. Many industry-standard approaches do not work for neurodivergent clients.

For this reason, she is currently on a path to study the in-depth needs of this group of brilliant folks with a Certificate of Study in ADHD and a Level ll ADHD Specialist.

Her studies help her understand symptoms and co-existing conditions and treatments regarding ADHD. Ronnette will have a firm grasp of what the lives of ADHD clients are like and will be able to provide a rich resource of strategies, techniques, and resources to help these clients meet their organizational and productivity challenges.

Ronnette is committed to continued education, study, and certification in this field so that her ADHD clients can receive the highest level of support in their decluttering and organizing journeys.

Fair Play Facilitator- household task division of labor

Fair Play Facilitaton - COMING MARCH 2023!