Sara's Home Office / Guest Room


To create a clutter free and organized home while establishing new systems and routines to simplify everyday tasks.

Project Description

Sara needed help with her home office organization including a mixed use storage closet, overflowing office supplies, a shipping station, and paper storage. The space needed to do double-duty as a welcoming guest bedroom.


  • A lifetime supply of office supplies and tons of paperwork creating an overabundance of “stuff”
  • Extra storage can be both a blessing and a curse! When clients have the space, they are often unlikely to ever get rid of anything.
  • Keeping everyday office equipment and supplies easily available and putting systems in place to ensure an improved workflow while making it easy for the office to quickly convert to a comfy and welcoming guest room.


  • Reorganize extra desk into efficient space for occasional second worker with storage underneath for guest suitcases
  • Declutter extra office supplies that had not been used in over 1 year.
  • Reorganize existing closet space to make space for guests to hang their clothing
  • Create an efficient desk workflow
  • Create extra storage under the guest bed for guest linens and towels.
  • Remove winter clothing storage to a closet elsewhere in the home.

Project flow

Sara worked alongside our team during the decluttering, sorting and organizing phase which resulted in a home office and guest space that allowed for an efficient office and a workable guest space.


Location: Bend, Oregon

Client Profile: Self-employed web developer with limited time needing an office overhaul appropriate for virtual video meetings

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