Cleaning & Clutter Elimination

Let's eliminate what no longer serves you! Let's make sense of whatever is left!

My Cleaning, Clutter Elimination, and Functional Organizing services are IDEAL for folks who want to...

  • Transform their home into a less cluttered and cleaner one

  • Downsize for a move or life transition

  • Streamline their space for improved family functionality or individual productivity

  • Add time back to their lives

  • Decrease their stress levels


Clutter Elimination Services

One space or room at a time, I will physically help you sort through your belongings, while playing a support role as you decide what to keep, donate, throw away, or sell using a very simple 5 step process.

My job is to help you get rid of anything that is not adding value to your life. I am committed to do this in a compassionate, nonjudgmental, supportive way. I'm full of energy and ready to get to work, but I always aim to match your desired pace.

This service is perfect for every level of clutter elimination from just focusing on your kids toys to downsizing an entire house.

Organization Services

After the process of getting rid of anything that you no longer need or want, you are invited to book my organization services to help you find a place for everything, and making sure everything is in it's place.

I have a very simple organizational approach geared towards functionality. I do not encourage you to spend money on unnecessary or expensive organization products.

I attempt to keep the process as uncomplicated and affordable as possible.

Savvy Mama Sessions
Customizable Household Assistance

I offer weekly and bi-weekly customized sessions especially created for the busy mom. You can book a three or four-hour session and choose from: tidying, light organizing, laundry and grocery assistance. These sessions are a serious game changer for the mom who is doing it all.

We will book a complimentary consultation to talk about your goals and struggles and see how Rock Star can best serve you.

Clutter Elimination and Functional Organizing Sessions

Get started with one of our package options below!


3 Woman-Hours - $150

6 Woman-Hours - $285 (Save $15!)

12 Woman-Hours - $540 (Save $60!)

18 Woman-Hours - $720 (Save $180!)


Ala Carte: Add-on hours for $50 a Woman-Hour!

Note: Package pricing is for individual hours. We sometimes work in teams of 2-3, which doesn't change your price, just the required time for completion.

Need something specific done in your home?
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