Meet Ronnette!

Hey there! I'm Ronnette (you can call me Ron or Ronnie too) Chief Rock Star at Rock Star Residential Services. Also known as your personal household chaos-tamer, sanity-saver, time-maker and a space giver-backer.

A Little Bit About Me

Many years ago I was pulling seven day work weeks, co-parenting a teenager and dealing with lots of the fun curve balls that life is known for throwing. I couldn't keep my home together. It was dusty, it was cluttered and there were stacks of paperwork everywhere.

I would come home from a fifteen hour day and immediately feel dread concerning my home. This was a place that should have been a sanctuary for me after a long day but I couldn't stand to be there.

I remember shedding some tears wondering if someone like me who owned a cleaning business could get this far behind, what were all the other overwhelmed women doing?

I promised someday I would be the answer to their problems. So I went to work solving my clutter issues and figured out where my household systems were broken and began building a business that could help others do the same.

I took the experience I had in my Lean manufacturing background (Lean is a modality that is utilized in the constant elimination of waste) and combined it into my cleaning business.

Since 2014 I have been serving baby boomers who were downsizing for a smaller home, couples who couldn't agree on what organized meant, folks who were ill or injured and of course, my beloved busy moms.

In 2018 I chose to focus on creating services specifically for busy moms, still feeling that inspired fire in my belly from years back.

If you are not a busy mom yet would still like to talk to us about our services, please feel free to reach out. If we are not the right service for you, we will help connect you with someone who is.

Ronnette Urbach Rock Star Residential Services
  • Are you planning a move or have a life change around the corner?

  • Are you nervous to have friends or family visit your home?

  • Can't find things? Wasting money on buying duplicates of items you already have, but can't locate?

  • Looking to pass on good cleaning and organizational habits to your children?

  • Has the goal of downsizing or simplifying your home environment been on your to-do list for a REALLY long time?

  • Is it hard to relax while you are home? Is an untidy home keeping you up at night?

  • Do you feel your life and or health could benefit by letting go of “stuff”?

  • Do mornings before work and or school resemble a war zone versus a smooth transition out the door?

  • Need more time? Can't stand cleaning? Tired of battling with other family members over who does what cleaning?

Did one, two, or maybe even all of the above resonate with you?

This is where I tell you completely irrelevant random facts about myself because I think it's hilarious to do so...

* I'm known for being a loud laugh-er. Sorry not sorry.

* I love dogs so much it's ridiculous. I have three rescue boys. Keenan, Dallas and Clyde. I would have about 1008 total by now but my husband has healthy boundaries.

* I love avocado sandwiches, a big fat Cabernet, dark roast coffee, waffles, French fries and all the carbs. It's very possible I have had all of these items in one sitting.

* Favorite word? Tidy.

* My favorite joke: Why do watermelons have fancy weddings? Because they cantaloupe.