My Sunday Routines

This month I’m focusing on blogging about routines and my Sunday routines are where the BIG magic happens.


The main aspect of my Sunday is my “Sunday Basket”. This genius concept was created by Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365 and it was the first and only paper system that made any sense to me. I have had some form of her Sunday Basket for over three years. I believe in its value so much I invested in becoming a licensed Sunday Basket organizer, and I’m currently coaching other women both on-site and virtually on how to implement it into their homes. It’s that awesome!


Long story short, the Sunday Basket is a basket that houses your mail, personal notes/reminders to yourself, actionable to-dos, and various incoming papers. It is your external brain housing a ton of data so your actual brain does not have to!


Once a week I pull everything out I tossed into the basket and sort into various color-coded categories including: money & mail, computer-related tasks, errands, and a few others. I then process everything that can not wait until the next Sunday and tidy all the others into their color-coded slash pockets.


A few of the benefits of this system include but are SO not limited to: knowing that your paper is in one place, knowing you have a set day and/or time to process it, not having to remember every fleeting thought or idea you have, having a place for your family to drop papers into instead of verbally telling you, and clearing up that kitchen counter stack of papers. This system tells your money and time where to go each week so it’s not spent chasing your tail. You will get hours back. You will open up mental bandwidth. You will make more room for your passion projects thanks to this system.


Once I nailed the system I added other routines after my Sunday Basket. Some include:


  • I do my laundry and decide on my wardrobe for the week.
  • I pick up my groceries (or have the groceries delivered) and do some food prep; NOT meal prep. Meal prepping was too intensive for me and did not work. So I food prep by washing and prepping my veggies, some high use recipe ingredients, post our dinner schedule on the fridge, put all items that are on the downhill slide to going bad in our “first-out” fridge bin and do a general food organization.
  • I charge all my electronic devices and turn things off and back on.
  • I call in prescriptions.
  • One Sunday a month I place our monthly toiletry order (toilet paper, cleaners, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Fill our pet food containers.
  • Dump and tidy my purse.
  • Place physical errand items for the week in my car.
  • Fill my supplement container.
  • Fill my gas tank.
  • I also have a slash pocket of items I delegate to my husband to handle and we will discuss that.


For some this may sound like a lot, but I eased into it. I started with the Sunday Basket and when I was efficient with that, I habit stacked (over time) the other routines. I listen to podcasts or music while I do these things and maybe sip on a mimosa (or three).


The benefits I receive from dedicating my Sunday to the above routines have been tremendous. During the week I feel less anxiety or potential panic. I know my bills are paid, what’s on my schedule, what I’m eating, where I’m going, and what I’m wearing. This allows me to use my focus and energy on more important tasks. Decision fatigue is a thing and your daily thinking power is finite. I personally would rather my daily thinking power go towards my family, my business, and my passions. NOT towards decisions like having oatmeal or a smoothie for breakfast or wearing my black shirt or my other black shirt.


Investing in routines will simplify your life, and they will save you time and money; and we could all use more time and money!