The Rock Star Approach to a Simple and Functional Home

The organizing industry is unique in the way that organizers come from so many walks of life with very unique backgrounds. Some were born organized; I, for instance, was not. One organizer may have an interior design background while mine was Lean Manufacturing. Some make the investment in NAPO, this Rock Star has currently rebelled against the idea. This is one of my favorite things about my industry, it is filled with many folks who offer their own unique passions, backgrounds, and skills.


If you would have told me ten years ago that I would become a Professional Organizer, I would have stared at you blankly, my eyebrow arched waiting for the punchline. Mostly because I didn’t know Professional Organizing was a thing and also because my house would definitely not have received Martha Stewart’s stamp of approval at the time (and probably not even now ha!).


When I came to understand what the industry was all about I told myself I wasn’t a fit. I saw photos of beautiful women in blazers wearing nice jewelry and I told myself there was no room for my loud laugh, bright hair, and tattoos. I’m grateful I got over that mindset issue as I LOVE supporting women out of the overwhelm of a stressful home! We are in the business of changing lives and my work is so rewarding.


We identify three very important stages involved in supporting our clients:


1. Declutter
2. Functionally organize what’s left
3. Systems, routines, and habits


The first step, declutter, is our FAVORITE. This is where the magic is at. Stuff bogs you down and makes the day-to-day heavy and cumbersome. It spikes your stress hormones and impacts you emotionally. It costs you time, money and freedom. We are all about setting you free from that.


The second step in our little dance towards Rock Star-style happiness is the functional organizing stage. Now, this may seem weird as we are an organizing company, but this is the step we personally spend the least amount of time in.


We consider a few points when setting your home up for simplicity and functionality; the point of use, simple and affordable containment, and labeling (so your stuff has a HOME). We don’t encourage our clients to spend a lot of money on flashy storage solutions. While those items make for gorgeous before-and-after photos and are SO fun to shop for, we want to make this step as easy to implement and as affordable as possible. If you aim for Pinterest perfect, there is a chance that this step can fail and leave you disappointed.


The third step is all about systems and routines for sustaining the progress from the above two steps. This is where we make sure to work ourselves out of a job with you. This step can look different for each client but some examples are: actionable paper management, household cleaning and laundry routines, and morning/evening habits.


My hope for everyone I get the fortune to work with is that they create a home that is a sanctuary for themselves. A place to retreat, rest, and just be. Not a place that screams “WORK ON ME”. If you don’t feel like your home is your sanctuary, I know of an amazing industry filled with many people from many walks of life just waiting to support you. 😉
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