Does your home feel crowded? Cluttered? Are you overwhelmed and do not know where to start?


Oh friend, you are SO not alone!


I was once there too; getting started is the hardest part when we decide to simplify our life. Clutter can accumulate in our physical environment, our schedules, and the number of relationships and social obligations we attempt to maintain.


Downsizing our physical environment has immediate benefits backed by science and is a great place to start. The denser our surroundings, the more likely our stress hormones are going to spike (which can especially affect children who also have more difficulty regulating their emotions in a cluttered environment). Not to mention arguing over who’s responsibility the mess is!


So start small; you can’t fix years of accumulation overnight. Start with a plan to take small bites out of the clutter one step at a time. At Rock Star, we always suggest two easy to implement tactics to start releasing items from your home that are no longer serving you:


1) A simple yet genius step called “The Trash Bag Tango” (as coined by professional organizer Peter Walsh). Turn on the timer for ten minutes and go for the easy, low-hanging fruit! Your goal will be to fill the bag(s). Imagine if you did this once a day for a month; that would be thirty bags of unwanted items out of your life!


2) Donation Station. Place a box, bag or bin near your closet, kitchen, toy area, etc., wherever is convenient. When you or a family member identifies that an item no longer fits or serves its purpose, toss it in the donation station and donate once it’s full!


Managing and organizing your space can be a challenge. It’s easy to allow yourself to get overwhelmed and unable to take the action you need to succeed. These two downsizing tips will help create a culture of letting go in your home that facilitates a clean, organized and clutter free space. Small steps will set you up for success and make you feel like a Rock Star!

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